2017 AIChE SPTC Energy Efficiency Session Presenters
Texas IOF Advisory Committee Chair Frank Roberto receives 2017 IETC Energy Award
Kathey Ferland Retires and is Recognized for Her Service and Leadership in Texas IOF

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View copies of the 2018 AIChE Energy Efficiency session presentations.


Read summaries of feedback received from the break-out groups at the Texas IOF Industrial Water Management Forum, held November 1. Additional follow-up coming soon!


Each year, TexasIOF holds an industrial energy management forum (spring) and an industrial water management forum (fall) in Houston, Texas. The theme or focus of each forum is identified by the TexasIOF Chemicals & Refining Advisory Committee and selected based on it timeliness or importance to attendees. Each forum has three or four panelists who present on topics or technology advancements related to the theme. We want these forums to be as valuable as possible and welcome your suggestion for a forum theme and/or forum panelists. You may email suggestions to Vincent Torres, TexasIOF Program Manager. Information promoting each forum is sent to our mailing list, which you may join by going to our TexasIOF mailing list form.


Look to this section of the TexasIOF website for recently released information on and links to industrial energy efficiency and water management topics and related issues.


Please see more important TexasIOF news in our most recent Newsletter.

Texas IOF Website Receives a Complete Makeover


If it appears to you that the Texas IOF website has a different look, you are correct! We have refreshed our website design to make it easier to use. The new format allows the user to quickly find desired information. This was overdue as it had been more than 16 years since the last design was implemented. Online technology (html) has changed significantly since 2001.


Starting at the top right, we have added a search button to find information on our website. Next, we have added photos from past events and will use them to build a photo library. We have relocated our upcoming events listing in a more prominent location with links to event details. Next, our navigation bar has been streamlined by reorganizing information hosted on our website into fewer menus. Dropdown submenus now appear when you hover over the menu, so that you can access the information you need faster with fewer clicks. On the far left panel, we have a listing of our most recent newsletter, including documents and reports about recently held Texas IOF events and other events we have helped organize. The main panel, which we plan to change topics periodically, will feature important information critical to the industrial manufacturing community, or it will provide brief introductions to relevant topics and material. Our next goal will be to review our web site structure to ensure it is ADA compliant, and we will continue the focus on ADA compliance for future web postings.


Content wise, we will be adding links to resources and websites with technical, economic, and management tools for energy efficiency and water management. These tools will be beneficial to the industrial manufacturing community, particularly the large energy and water users. We hope to identify or develop just-in-time trainings, and also links to Youtube videos, TED Talks, podcasts and webinars to supplement our summer workshops and make them available through our website. To help minimize content and site disruption we have also incorporated additional cyber security measures.  In short, we want this website to be a destination website known for providing very useful assistance to our industrial manufacturing community. Please send us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for information that the industrial manufacturing community would find valuable. We want to hear from you! Thanks for visiting our website.

Coming next - The Texas Industrial Energy Efficiency Network - TIEEN