“Industrial Water Reuse and Desalination”

Texas Industrial Water Management Forum

Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013


Many regions of the US and world face water resource constraints in terms of quantity and/or quality.  Current solutions to address this constraint at chemical plants and refineries can incur a significant energy penalty.  A common concern of the process industries with Texas locations is that “water is cheap until it’s not there”, which makes it challenging to engage management and secure capital for technology investment before there is a crisis.  Some plants are already seeing restrictions on water quantity, although for others, this remains a distant threat.  Water reuse and accessing un-conventional sources holds promise.  This Forum will explore the interaction between water and energy use in the process industries and the potential of new water management strategies and treatment technologies.




            Technology Forum—Laying the Groundwork  

            Frank Roberto, Chair, Texas IOF Chemicals and Refining Advisory Committee

The speaker will be presenting the results from the Technology Forum: Sustaining Industrial Energy Efficiency in Process Cooling in a Potentially Water-Short Future held June 19, 2013 in Houston. 


Innovative Water Technology in Texas: Meeting Current and Future Water Needs

Brenner Brown, Management Analyst, Texas Water Development Board

The speaker will present an overview of the TWDB’s Innovative Water Technologies’ programs and the growing trend of using innovative technologies identified as strategies in the State Water Plan to meet water supply shortages due to drought.


Water Fit for Use

Ronald Tebbetts, Nalco Champion

The speaker will address the implementation of water reuse/recycle projects in an industrial setting and the potential pitfalls and problems that may be encountered.  At the end of the discussion, the user will have a firm understanding of what needs to be considered during the design phase of a reuse/recycle project.  Examples of successfully implemented reuse/recycle projects will also be presented.  The speaker will also address how reuse recycle projects can be expected to impact plant energy systems.


Water Reuse and Desalination – Challenges and Enabling Technologies

Christian Frye, GE Water and Process Technologies

An overview of the technical and regulatory challenges associated with water reuse and desalination in Texas.  Technologies typically used in water reuse and desalination  will be reviewed including Membrane BioReactors (MBR), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-filtration (UF), ElectroDialysis Reversal (EDR), and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).