15th Texas Industrial Energy Management Forum

Achieving Superior Energy Performance

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brady’s Landing

Houston, Texas  


Superior Energy Performance is a national site-based energy efficiency certification program which will be launched in 2011.  The program is organized around ISO 50001, a soon to be finalized international management standard for energy.


Superior Energy Performance was piloted from 2008 to 2010 in Texas by four plants: Cook Composites and Polymers, Houston plant; Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Oak Hill plant; Owens Corning, Waxahachie plant; and Union Carbide (a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company), Texas City plant. The plants provided substantial input into the design of the program, as did other end-users on the US Council for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing.  The four plants saw verified energy performance improvements from 6.5% to over 15% over a two to three year period.


Come hear what the Texas plants learned about implementing an energy management system and demonstrating energy performance improvements—the benefits, the barriers, and the lessons learned.



Michael Gromacki

Vice President of Operations / Chief Sustainability Officer

Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

            Member, Texas IOF Advisory Committee




            The Future of Energy Management:  ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance

Paul Scheihing, US DOE, Industrial Technologies Program


Mr. Scheihing will present the status of Superior Energy Performance, a national energy-efficiency certification program that was piloted in Texas.  He will also describe the forthcoming international standard for energy management, ISO 50001, and its relationship to the Superior Energy Performance certification program.


            Implementation of Superior Energy Performance at a Semiconductor Fab 

Mark Krawczyk

Freescale Semiconductors, Inc


Freescale integrated energy management into their existing environmental, health and safety management system based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  The energy management system helped transform the emphasis from efficiency at the project level to focusing on improving key performance indicators developed to monitor the operation of major energy using plant systems. KPIs are used for continual improvement of energy efficiency in central utility plant and at point of use in manufacturing.


Implementation of Superior Energy Performance at a Small Batch Chemical Plant

Patricio Cueva

Cook Composites and Polymers, Inc


He will provide his perspective on integration of the energy management system into existing systems, creating an effective balance of plant involvement and corporate support.  CCP  leveraged its experience in the Texas pilot project at the Houston plant to develop a corporate program on energy management.      


Implementation of Superior Energy Performance at an Insulation Plant (20 min.)

Gary Chastain, Environmental and Energy Leader, Waxahachie Plant

Owens Corning


This presentation shares first-hand experience of implementing a Management System for Energy and Superior Energy Performance by the Owens Corning Waxahachie, Texas plant.  At the time that the plant volunteered for the Texas Pilot Program, the Owens Corning - Waxahachie plant was considered a large plant with a mature energy program - large, due to their actual size and energy consumption; and mature, due to the company/plant’s structure and process for energy, which was already imbedded within the organization.  The presentation discusses the resources required during implementation, identifies external and internal challenges faced during implementation, outlines the benefits a large, mature company should realize from implementing such a program, as well as the challenges the Owens Corning – Waxahachie plant faces going forward.


Panel Discussion



            Mark Krawczyk, Freescale Semiconductor  

            Deb Magoon, CCP

            Gary Chastain, Owens Corning

            Dave Hake, Dow Chemical



            Dub Taylor, Director, Texas State Energy Conservation Office

            Paul Scheihing, Program Manager, US Department of Energy


Funding for the Energy Management Forum is provided by the US Department of Energy, under a contract with the State Energy Conservation Office of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.