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Get Involved with Texas Industries of the Future by:

  • Joining the email list. You'll receive monthly announcements about energy-related training, project participation opportunities, conferences, assessments and funding announcements of interest to Texas manufacturing facilities. This list is NEVER sold. Click here to join the mailing list.
  • Taking advantage of DOE Best Practices training on pumps, motors, steam, compressed air and process heating, offered in major Texas cities. You'll receive notices about these trainings periodically if you are on the email list.
  • Downloading the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Calculator for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers available from the Tools page. This step-by-step assessment manual assists small and medium-sized manufacturers to identify and screen potential energy efficiency projects. The manual comes with a calculator which allows you to estimate energy, cost and emissions reductions from potential projects at your manufacturing site, based on data you input. The 16 projects included in the manual and calculator cover compressed air, combustion and steam, motors, lighting, and chiller projects.
  • Attending the Texas Industrial Energy Management Forums held in Houston. Learn what the leaders are doing!
  • Checking out the other Texas IOF sessions organized in conjunction with the Texas Chemical Council or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers conferences in Texas. These provide high quality training without the expense of traveling far.
  • Telling us about an idea that would facilitate your site's adoption or implementation of an energy efficiency practice or technology. We are always looking for good ideas that facilitate adoption of energy-efficiency Best Practices across industry. Input from manufacturers was what sparked the development of Superior Energy Performance, a plant-based industrial energy-efficiency certification program! Get in touch with us at vmtorres@mail.utexas.edu or 512-471-5803.