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bullet arrow April 5, 2018 Texas Industrial Management Forum, Understanding How to Enhance Our Energy Infrastructure Resiliency To Natural Disasters Agenda and Presentations
bullet arrow The Texas PACE Authority (TPA) is a nonprofit organization that uniformly administers PACE programs
by taking a market-based approach to energy finance and economic development. TPA works with
all parties - property owners, contractors, and capital providers to bring energy and water improvements
that are both economically sound and environmentally friendly. Learn more about how the program works in the following case studies: Case Study 1 and Case Study 2.

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bullet arrow Evaluation of Water Curtailment on Energy Use and Plant Net Profitability
In 2014 The University of Texas at Austin conducted an analysis of the impact of water curtailment on Plant Net Profitability (PNP) and energy use. The impacts of a water curtailment of 15 to 30% for up to 4 months were modeled for two different process cooling technologies. Read the report or view the presentation.

Guide to Low-temperature Waste Energy Recovery Technology Selection

Texas IOF Strategic Plan 2010-2020 (Aug 2011 Revision)
March 2018

Plan to attend and bring a friend to the next Texas Industrial Energy Management Forum, which will be Thursday, April 5.


The theme for the forum is:

Understanding How to Enhance Our Energy Infrastructure Resiliency To Natural Disasters


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas in Rockport and the associated record rainfalls in Houston, Beaumont and other coastal areas contributed to the worst flooding these cities have experienced in decades. One of the many responses to this natural disaster have been efforts to reflect on...

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> Texas Industrial Energy Management Forum, in conjunction with the AIChE Southwest Process Technologies Conference, October 9, 2018, Galveston, Texas

> Texas Industrial Water Management Forum, November 1, 2018, Houston, Texas

Professional development hours are available for participation in all programs.

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