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Texas Industrial Energy and Economic Facts

Texas' industrial sector is the most energy intensive of all states, as a result of the significant presence of chemical manufacturers and refineries. Below is a summary of statistics on Texas industrial energy use and value of shipments.

  • Forty-nine percent of the energy used in Texas is consumed by the industrial sector. Nationally, 31% of the energy used is consumed by industry.
  • Texas has the highest percentage of large energy intensive plants, at 8% of the US total. California is next, at 5% percent of the US total. (DOE large plant list, State Partnership Solicitation, 2006).
  • Texas consumes 19% of the energy used by industry in the US. The next largest industrial energy consumer is Louisiana, at 9% of the US total.
  • Industrial energy usage in the South Census region, which includes Texas, is dominated by two sectors: chemicals and refining. They constitute 52% of industrial energy usage in the South Census region.
  • Texas' 26 petroleum refineries can process more than 4.7 million barrels of crude oil per day, and they account for more than one-fourth of total U.S. refining capacity.
  • In 2006 Texas refineries and chemical plants accounted for 17% and 15% respectively of the value added by manufacturing in these sectors nationally.

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