Texas Technology Showcase Logo Texas Technology Showcase: Energy-Efficiency in the Chemical and Refining Industries: March 17-19, 2003, Houston, Texas
Texas Technology 2003 Showcase
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Showcase Plants and Companies

Plant overviews, technology case studies, tour books, and tour posters can be accessed through links on this page.

Calpine logo Calpine, Baytown Energy Center
Topics included plant operations, natural gas-fired combined cycle technology and emissions information for the power plant and steam host.

Plant Overview Tour Book Showcase Posters
  • Calpine Cogeneration Facilities in the Houston Galveston Area (PDF 698KB)
  • Simplified Combined-Cycle Cogeneration Schematic (PDF 678KB)
Chevron Phillips logo Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, Cedar Bayou Plant
Topics covered included a new process technology that recycles valuable components from vent streams in a polyolefin plant, integration of energy improvements into a NOx reduction project on ethylene furnaces, demonstration of steam system & energy management optimizer software, steam trap management program, and steam system improvements as a result of targeted assessments.

Plant Overview
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, Cedar Bayou Plant (PDF 195 KB)
Case Study
  • Pressure Swing Absorption Recovery System (PDF 269 KB)
Tour Book
  • Cedar Bayou Plant (PDF 881 KB)
Showcase Posters
Dow Chemical Company logo The Dow Chemical Company, Presentation at the Radisson Astrodome
Topics included Dow's By-Product Synergy project, the utilization of the six sigma methodology to identify and implement energy-efficiency improvements, and NOx reduction projects.

Plant Overview Case Studies
  • By-Product Synergy Supports Sustainable Development (PDF 833 KB)
  • Applying Six Sigma Methodology to Energy-Saving Projects (PDF 489 KB)
  • The Dow Chemical Company's Houston-Galveston Area NOx Reduction Program (PDF 425 KB)
ExxonMobil logo ExxonMobil, Presentation at the Radisson Astrodome
ExxonMobil presented results from an ongoing process heater retrofit project reducing NOx emissions and improving fuel efficiency. The project utilizes burner technology developed jointly by ExxonMobil, DOE, Tiax, Callidus, and the Gas Technology Institute. ExxonMobil also presented results from other initiatives coupling environmental and energy efficiency improvements, such as ExxonMobil's use of combined heat and power and the company-wide Global Energy Management System.

Plant Overview Case Study
  • ExxonMobile Chemical Company, Baytown, Texas (PDF 162 KB)
Merisol logo Merisol USA LLC, Presentation at the Radisson Astrodome
Merisol presented the results of a process heating targeted assessment and efforts to reduce energy usage and cut costs.

Plant Overview
Rohm & Haas Texas logo Rohm and Haas Texas Inc., Deer Park Plant
Rohm and Haas Inc.'s award winning energy-efficiency program was presented. Topics included program goals, challenges and the significant combined benefits (financial, environmental and sustainability) obtainable from a successful energy program. Several projects ranging from steam leak management to a complex total site real-time energy optimization system were covered. The importance of best practices and metrics utilization as well as potential benefits from new initiatives like pinch analysis was addressed.

Plant Overview
  • Rohm and Haas Texas Inc., Deer Park Plant (PDF 165 KB)
Case Study Tour Book Showcase Posters
Valero Energy Corporation logo Valero Energy Corporation, Houston Refinery
Topics included highlights from a plant wide energy assessment, a plant energy systems software model and several energy system targeted assessments.

Plant Overview
  • Valero Energy Corporation, Houston Refinery (PDF 205 KB)
Case Study
  • Refinery-Wide Energy Optimization Model (PDF 209 KB)
Tour Book Showcase Posters
  • FCC Power Recovery Train (PDF 687 KB)
  • Automatic Blowdown for Cooling Towers & Automatic Blowdown for Typical Boiler Steam Drum System
    (PDF 694 KB)
  • Simplified Cogeneration Equipment Layout (PDF 600 KB)
  • Process Heater Low Excess Air Control (PDF 621 KB)
  • Houston Refinery Energy Model Flowsheet (PDF 745 KB)
  • Refinery Process Flow Diagram (PDF 641 KB)

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