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Energy Efficiency Opportunity Calculator for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers

The purpose of this tool is to provide managers or engineers at small or medium-sized manufacturing plants with a list of questions and a calculator so that they can quickly assess whether they have opportunities for energy and cost savings at their facility. Typically, engineers and managers at these types of facilities have neither the time nor the data to conduct an in-depth analysis of their energy systems. However, case studies of energy project implementation have shown that many facilities can achieve energy cost savings of up to10-15% with little capital investment. The purpose of this tool is to assist these managers to identify where their 15% of energy cost savings might be found. The calculator will estimate the potential savings based on your inputs, for 16 energy cost reduction projects commonly identified at manufacturing plants, from reducing compressed air leaks to improving controls. Download the tool here.


Energy-Efficiency Assessment Tool for Chemical Plants and Refineries Running at Low Rates

During periods of low production, systems designed for maximum throughput will run inefficiently on a MMBTU/pound basis. Compounding this issue, plants with low production generally do not have any funds for making improvements or correcting this inefficiency, if it requires a capital budget. Under these circumstances, plant energy assessment recommendations that called for capital projects have little chance of being implemented, nor will they necessarily address the inefficiency. The Texas IOF Chemical and Refining Advisory Committee identified the need for an assessment approach that could be used by chemical plants and refineries running at low production rates. This tool provides a systematic approach for identifying opportunities to improve energy utilitization at chemical plants and refineries running at low production rates. Download the tool here.